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22 Hour Rule


As many of you are aware, you practice the sport of track and field for 1-2 hours a day. However, what you may not know is that the remaining 22 hours a day is the MOST critical to your success.

You can be a World Class Athlete at practice doing all of the right things, but what you do the other 22 hours of the day dictates how average, good or great you will be. You are on your own during those 22 hours. To be GREAT you must:

  1. HYDRATE PROPERLY- 100+ ounces of preferably water but Sports Drinks and juices count. Carbonated drinks DO NOT COUNT.
    If you do not have to go to the bathroom every hour then you are not properly hydrated!!!!!
  2. NUTRITION- 3 well rounded meals per day that include fruits and vegetables for important nutrients and minerals that enable the body to function. 24 hours prior to a competition it is your benefit to consume Complex Carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, potatoes, breads, and pancakes. Eat protein early in the week to help repair muscle tissue that is damaged from intense training. STAY AWAY from desserts 48 hours prior to a competition as the refined sugar contained in desserts can turn off fast twitch muscle firing. MINIMIZE “fast foods” which contain very little nutritional value and large amounts of fat.
  3. SLEEP- 7-8 hours at night that begins before midnight. Sleep is probably the most common area neglected by college athletes but is one of the most important to address. Athletes who do not get enough rest arre prone to injuries. Over-sleeping is just as bad as not getting enough sleep. Sleeping 9-12 hours makes the body sluggish and affects the quality of the workout and performance at competitions.
  4. AVIOD CAFFEINE & ALCOHOL- Caffeine is a natural diuretic which means it causes you to lose water stored in your body. Caffeine and alcohol deplete the body of “B” vitamins and can have an adverse effect on many parts of your body. When you lose the water in your system you are more likely to become dehydrated because you will not have the stores in your system for your body to use. When the “B” vitamin levels are depleted then you are more prone to illness and athletic injuries. Caffeine is found in carbonated drinks, tea, and coffee.
  5. AVOID AFTERNOON NAPS- Studies have shown that when you take a nap 1-2 hours prior to a workout or competition it causes the body’s fast twitch muscle fibers to become sluggish. First of all whenever possible GET PLENTY OF GOOD SLEEP so you don’t need to nap. Then if you are feeling tired get up and out to eliminate the desire to sleep.
  6. MONITOR YOUR BODY WEIGHT- What did you run when you ran your lifetime best? Well, where are you today? To find out your ideal weight, ask the trainers or coaches to help you to determine what your ideal body weight should be for your sport. It is common to gain weight in college because you have the freedom to choose what goes into your mouth. It’s easy to gain 10 pounds and not notice it, but it shows in your athletic performance. If you don’t believe it try this exercise. Fill a backpack with 10 pounds of books or whatever you wish. Do your workout with the backpack on your back and see how you feel. If you have gained 2, 3, or 10 pounds suddenly you notice the effect it has on your performance level. Guess what? The effect is the same whether it comes on gradually or suddenly. To be at your best you have to maintain the optimum weight for your body performing in your event. Keep in mind that even 2 – 5 pounds over your ideal weight can put a lot of strain on your muscles especially your hamstrings with the end result being an athletic injury.
  7. DAILY MORNING EXERCISE- A morning jog with stretching for about 10-15 minutes will make you more alert in class and better in your afternoon workout.

The bottom line is that YOU choose how good you want to be in the sport of track and field. Elite athletes must make many sacrifices that most college students do not. Athletes who lack self discipline for these 22 hours of the day are only fooling themselves. Self discipline is a very important quality that will make you successful for the rest of your life. The choice is yours!