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Palmdale Bullets

Your First Meet

Your First Time to an Event

Track events may last all day – from the 7:30am warmup to the last event, as late as 4:00pm, or later. First, try to find the team. The Palmdale Bullets are usually seated under a canopy, so look for us. Once you find us we can help your child find the coach.

There are no fees charged to watch the events. You may need cash if you wish to purchase from vendors but you are welcome to bring your own supplies. Please see Your Track Kit for suggestions on what to bring to the stadium.

If your child is traveling with the team, you don’t have to arrive at 7:30am. The first event is usually race walking so if your child is not in that event you’ve got a bit of time before the other events begin.

Your child will probably remain on the field with the team, training and warming up. If there are items your child needs to have, please put them in his track bag.

You may leave after your child’s events but it is appreciated when you are able to stay and support the team.