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Your Track Kit

Your Track Kit:

If you’re new to track you may find the following items useful. Track events can last all day, from warmup at 7:30am to the last event, as late as 7:30pm.

For the Athletes

Drinks: plenty of water

Snacks: fruit, sunflower seeds, crackers, health bars, etc.

Meals: a healthy breakfast and lunch

Sunscreen: all children need protection from the sun UV rays

Ice: Ice packs or cold/hot patches for aches and pains

Spikes: Replacement 3/16″ needle 

Shoe Bag: (optional) a smaller, over-the-shoulder bag for carrying shoes with spikes

Cell Phone: (optional) so your child can contact you in the stands

Money: to pay for event fees and snacks at the concession stand

Do NOT bring: expensive game systems, phones, or cameras that might be broken or mislaid.

Note: Please consider bringing extras to share with the other members of the team. An extra case of water bottles or sports drinks is always welcome.

For You and Your Family

Stadium chairs or cushions

Meals, snacks, and drinks

Warm clothes and a stadium blanket for those cold early spring mornings


Big floppy hat 




Printed maps to and from the event site

Printed event schedule 

Canopy Tent/Umbrella- (Always place tents in the top row of the stands,in order not to block the spectators view as they sit on the lower level)

If you’re bringing small children you may want to bring toys or something for them to do, and a pillow or cushion to take a nap on. The Concession Stand
These are managed by the various clubs so fare will differ somewhat at each event. Generally you will find coffee, water, sodas, donuts, muffins, chips, candy, and later in the day meals which may include BBQ. These are usually reasonably priced and the service is cheerful